Imagine Improving at Golf and Having Fun While Doing It.

The Golf Target is a fun way for golf players of any age or ability to practice their accuracy. Molded from tough plastic, the target comes with custom, interchangeable graphic inserts offering a unique advertising platform. Learn more about this industry game-changer!

  • Created in conjunction with a PGA professional

  • Perfect aiming point for you to improve accuracy
    Audible feedback when you hit the golf target

  • Easy-to-change graphics can be used to promote any function, making the target a profit center

  • 3 different angles to use: flat, 30 and 45 degrees

  • Weighs only 23 pounds making it easy to move and fits on the back of most golf carts

  • Extremely durable construction from high quality UV stable TPO plastic
    Fully weather resistant, with a waterproof frame that will never rust
    Full color graphics stay vibrant in the sun for up to 5 years

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