Golf Synergy

The Golf Target was designed by PGA teaching pro Todd Lawton, and he teamed up with ThermoPro – a plastics manufacturer, well-versed in making high-quality parts for the golf industry. With years of experience supplying ruggedly durable parts for Yamaha Golf Car Company, ThermoPro had no problem taking Coach Lawton’s ideas and forming them into the sleek, function, weather resistant product you see on the site.

Add ThermoPro’s decade-long history as an A+ rated supplier to the promotional products industry, and it’s easy to see how a simple “bullseye center” target turned into a multifunctional branding piece that courses and clubs can use as their go-to tool for marketing and sponsorship programs.

Iron sharpens iron, and a PGA Pro designing alongside an award-winning thermoformer, makes for one of the best pieces of training equipment on the market.

Made in the USA!

Next level training aide